The All Natural Food Council of North America (ANFCNA)

This 39 year old 501C3 is made up of all natural home food delivery companies from across North America. Although they are the industry’s governing board, this is the first time they have ever approved a supplement line.


The North American Food Safety Council(NAFSC)

This non-profit organization supplies updated food related health news to the food industry and consumers throughout the world but mostly North America. They are usually the first with food recall information and has 24 hour feeds from the top safety organizations , such as the CDC. This is the first supplement line they ever approved.


Dr. Terry Lemons, DDS

Dr. Lemons has been a Dentist for almost twenty years and has always had a very holistic approach to the health of his patients. This is the first supplement line he has ever endorsed. Dr. Lemons said, “ not only are the supplements very pure and all natural but the method in which they are recommended is very professional”.


Dr. Michael Labanowski, MD

Dr. Labanowski has been a Neurologist for over twenty years. He not only leads the staff for one of Alabama’s largest hospitals but owns and operates several slept clinics throughout Alabama, Georgia and Nevada. Dr. Labanowski said,” not only are the formulas for the supplements very sound and of the highest quality but the methodology used to determine a patient’s needs are very impressive.


Dr. Keith Kantor, PHD

Dr. Kantor is a PHD in Nutritional Science and for over two decades has worked to combine all natural food, supplements and exercise to improve the health of American families and keep the ever rising costs of health care down. Dr. Kantor is on the committee of the Natural Products Association tasked with recommending the product criteria and label specifications of All Natural Products in  North America. Dr. Kantor said, “these supplements have the purest all natural ingredients I have been able to find and they are made in America. The system used to find what a client really needs is top notch and I like the fact they are not sold in store, where no one on one questioning and recommending is available.”


Dr. Kelvin Brown, MD

Dr Brown is a board certified cardiologist and President and CEO of Vital Healthcare Group. Dr Brown says, ”Purely Natural did it all right. Excellent all natural, high quality ingredients and a great system to recommend them.”